Monday, July 18, 2011

God's Gift To Me - I Share With You!

In this world that i now live in has very few gifts in it, mostly all crud. Many of you know about my KOI pond and all the pain in building it and loooosing my two prize KOI, so you think of all the crap and hoow your life is leaving quickly.
Yesterday we had to tear the pond apart and give it a complete cleaning and water change and redo plants and trimig of plants and all the pain in the buttt things it takes to get this done. I do not move quickly so it takes quite awhile to get things done. Well as things would be we took the waterfall apart and in the lower seperate pond to the main in among the Parrott Feather was a poor little hummingbird just water logged. Poor thing must have wieghed at least twoo hundred pounds with the water. It jumped on the ledge then to the ground, I put my hand down, here is the gift I got and share with you:

This little buddy, just jumped up onto my hand and sat there. Every so offten he fluttered his wings trying to dry off and held my finger tightly with its' tiny little feet. He stayed with me for about ten minutes, while he dried out and then finally got enough lift went stod still for a second and as he looked and took off you kind of hear him squeak and left like a missle.  Enjoy as I did.